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Awarded the ISO9001 standard

Buildakit UK Ltd are pleased to announce we have been awarded ISO9001 certification. This is an internally recognised certification that demonstrates the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. As a manufacturer of timber frame buildings, we are often asked for a third-party certification. This provides evidence that we have a robust and documented factory production control system, adopting all the controls for design, cutting and manufacturing.

“Air tightness test passed and exceeded”

Buildakit have a reputation for creating low energy homes, so sustainability played an important part in these two properties built for a private client in Harrogate. All new homes have to be airtight to some extent to meet Building Regulations so we were excited to hear our Air tightness testing exceeded the min standard airtightness set for new houses of 10 m3/(h.m2). Our results were 0.61 m3/(h.m2) below the standard required for a passive house certified home.

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