Timber Frame

Our comprehensive timber frame service includes full design, structural engineering, manufacture and installation of our quality engineered closed panel timber building systems. Whether it’s highly insulated or a Passive House you require our energy efficient timber frame homes deliver air tight thermal performances exceeding today’s Building Regulation Requirements.

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Low Energy Homes

A major benefit of using timber frame is that there is an extremely high level of insulation included within the structure. Thermal efficiency combined with air tightness results in the amount of energy used to heat and cool your home being cut dramatically.

Advantages of timber frame

  • Flexibility of design
  • Panels manufactured in a precision factory environment resulting in reduced defects
  • Energy and thermally efficient air tight construction reducing heating bills
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Speed of construction with little or no disruption from inclement weather resulting in reduced time and labour on site
  • Manufactured using sustainable materials and reducing onsite waste

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